Welcome to the international congress Mathematical Modelling in Engineering & Human Behaviour (MME&HB2023).

Conference proceedings:

The proceedings of the conference have been published: Modelling for Engineering & Human Behaviour 2023.

The ISBN of the book is 978-84-09-57681-4.
See you next year!

The edition of the Mathematical Modelling in Engineering & Human Behaviour Conference organized by the Instituto Universitario de Matemática Multidisciplinar (IMM) will be held in València from to , .

This edition will be special as we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of this congress. This year we are extending the congress by one day and we will have more guest speakers of the highest academic level and more social activities.

The conference is planned to be face-to-face in ETS Informática, Building 1E of Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, but it is possible to give your presentation online. If you choose for an online participation, the registration fee is reduced accordingly. The conference will comply with all sanitary measures.

The objective of the Mathematical Modelling in Engineering and Human Behaviour conference is to develop an interdisciplinary forum in areas like Medicine, Sociology, Business and Engineering, where the latest mathematical techniques can be discussed in a common and understandable language with experts in cross-disciplinary areas. The conference is aimed at gathering researchers who need mathematics for the formulation and analysis of models.

This year we organize the following special sessions:

  1. Recent advances in the approximation of matrix functions.
    Organizer: Prof. Emilio Defez.

  2. Mathematical models in population dynamics: applications, modelling and numerical methods.
    Organizer: Prof. Luis M. Abia, Óscar Angulo, Juan C. López-Marcos and Miguel A. López-Marcos.

  3. Recent advances in iterative processes for solving nonlinear problems.
    Organizers: Prof. Alicia Cordero and Prof. Francisco I. Chicharro.

  4. Mathematical methods for engineering problems.
    Organizer: Prof. Damian Ginestar.

  5. Infectous diseases Mathematical modeling in public health.
    Organizer: Prof. Luis Acedo, Prof. Mónica López, Gilberto González and Prof. R-J. Villanueva.

  6. Linear Algebra, Matrix Analysis and Applications.
    Organizer: Prof. José Mas

  7. Math & Physics.
    Organizer: Prof. Màrius Fullana

  8. Matrix polynomials and applications.
    Organizer: Prof. Alicia Roca

  9. Uncertainty Quantification and Modelling.
    Organizer: Prof. Dolors Roselló Ferragud

  10. Complex networks graphs and applications
    Organizer: Prof. Francisco Pedroche and Prof. Cristina Jordán

Also, you can participate in the general session of the congress. The main topics of the conference are:

Póster 2023

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